Monday, December 5, 2011

Love. Unconditional

You will usually find me here on any given day pouring my heart out and sharing my life lessons.

Today I bring you an offering from a book I recently read.

The words of the author are powerful and transforming if you let them sink deep within your soul.

The message is universal, straight from the heart of God.

After you read this excerpt I recommend that you read Colossians 1:15-20 .

Let the truth of WHO Jesus is and how deeply he loved us all,  make this Christmas truly a time of worship, adoration and love.

" This child needed me, and I had to confess that while her need of me would do her very little good, her need of God was all that really mattered. Then I understood what drove my father to love these people whose religions or prejudices would never permit them to say that they loved Christ. Now, at last, I knew the incredible nature of the unconditional love of God. Now I understood why Jesus could look out from the cross and bless his killers. It didn't matter whether they loved Jesus. He loved them, and his love would save them if they trusted it. That's how the saving unconditional love of God is. It is there.It will not go away simply because the needy reject it or rage against it. I had come in one grand moment to understand my father. I believed in love for the sake of love. I believed in love not because it was an alternative to hate. Love has no alternatives. Love is all there is. So I loved that little girl-- that dying little girl. It didn't matter that she did not agree with me philosophically. I wanted to save her because saving her was the thing that love did for all who could not save themselves.
In the deep brown eyes of that dying child I learned the greatest truth of God. It is not a truth the world can do without. Love is the only truth of God that matters. Love is the occupation of God, his sole employment. God is holding the whole human race in his arms, as I held that little girl in mine. There is no use asking if the human race matters. To see anyone dying is to know that dying is wrong. If love can stop the dying or even postpone it, then our sole occupation is to love. To choose to love is to take up the occupation of God. To love like God is to take prejudices and hatreds and hold them in your hands and confess that they are of no consequence. Only love counts. Every other emotion is too small to matter.
Love lives. Now and You cannot serve people nor save them without loving them..."

I am still learning daily how great the Father's love is for me...and if it is for me, it is for ALL.

This is the Christmas Season....only love counts.

Consider yourselves loved,

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