Friday, December 21, 2012

Giving What You Need the Most

** I wrote these words a year ago when life was remarkably different, painful and precarious. I revisited these words this week and decided to repost them, as they are still true today, one year later. I hope you all find the Love of God resonating deep within as you read. Blessings from my heart to yours.**

Did you ever think, right in the middle of your greatest need,that you can still give?
Have you ever considered that life is not about getting what you want?
Might you discover that going blind is just what you need to really see?

It's when you feel the most empty that your capacity to give becomes infinite.

When your ego finally collapses, starved from the inside out, then and only then will your true hunger be satisfied and your true satisfaction be multiplied and spill over.

When you look at the world in front of you as a vessel to be filled not consumed.
When transparency is valued more than knowledge and meekness is celebrated simply because what's left at the end of ourselves is HIS power alone.
When you understand that  real life comes after dying, never before.

Then will we understand that the only lasting gift is the LOVE God gave.....returned.

We have one life to give, one existence to surrender, to pour out and empty so we can understand true filling.
When we surrender all our human definitions and rest in our unknowing..trusting like a child..redefined.

This then is what he means when he says..HE makes all things new.

The laying down of a life is done is seconds and minutes thoughout a whole life span.
Life is a long drawn out dying. The joy is set before us and is encapsulated in trust.

In God we trust.

I want to know NOTHING: but Christ and Him crucified.
I am understanding that I can bring nothing to my Father but the sacrifice of his son...beautiful...and sufficient.

NOTHING else. I have nothing else to offer him.
No greatness, no gifting.
This life will not be buried, it will be lifted up, carried before me with his blood covering me.
It is HIS sacrifice that explains me and makes me acceptable.

We are asking for love and identity from the wrong people.
Everybody is wrong people.
We are demanding the thing we can never acquire or hold onto.
We feed from those we see and relate to instead of turning to the ONE who offers all and requires all in return.

It is much easier to turn to our family, our loved ones, our friends and say:
Love me. Hear me.Understand me.Validate me. Save me.

When we reach into the treasure chamber of God for what we need we can then begin to offer to the broken people around us ( and we are ALL broken) the very thing we lack. 

This is where we are supposed to dwell. This is the only place we can truly thrive

Only what is of God will remain.
The love of the world, the love centered in our relationships, dripping with expectations, will never make it through.

Thanks be to God...who ALWAYS causes us to triumph..through Christ alone. (2Cor 2:14)

He withholds no good thing.

Freely you have received...freely give. ( Matthew 10:8)

You can afford to be generous.... even in your own state of desperate need.