Thursday, January 8, 2009

• Jan. 7, 2009 - I've been tagged!

Here are the rules to receiving this award:
You have to pass it on to 5 other fabulous bloggers in a post.
You have to list 5 of your fabulous addictions in the post.
You must copy and paste the rules and the instructions below in the post.
On your post of receiving this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link it back to them.

Ok..Stephanie tagged me so I guess I am it.

5 Fabulous Bloggers...

1. Denise..long time friend who I admire on so many levels and I thank God I called her the day after I met her and we went for of the tipping points of my life!

2. Paige...who already got tagged by Steph..but who I love too...

3. Stephen...a dear friend who passed away a year ago...I miss him and his complete transparency and total trust in his maker!



5 Addictions...

I am letting it go without saying that I am addicted to family and friends....I actually said it didn't I?

Ok here we go:

1. Lindt Dark Chili Chocolate

2. Nooma Videos

3. Mark Gungor of Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

4. Love and Logic

5. Reading before bed..actually: reading PERIOD ( thus I am truly addicted to my local library and CHER where I work part-time) CSI ( any one of them).

The last addiction covered a broad span of topics, I know, but I felt the need to confess.

I am tagging Denise..just because I can!!!!!


  1. Thanks RosyJ!!! Just came across your blog... I knew you had one, but didn't know the name of it till now. It will be fun to read some of your back entries!

    Thanks for tagging me :)

  2. wow. Just went & read some at your friend Stephen's blog... Lots of good stuff there ~ i'll be going back for sure.