Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It's when I come home that I am reminded again and again of the vast difference between a photo and the real deal.
Don't get me wrong: I marvel at pictures and ooh and ahhh with the best of you over the scenery presented to me on facebook, videos & tv.

I am soooo thankful for technology that bridges miles and oceans and time.

We are obviously a very visual society given that TV's have gone from tiny black and white screens to MONTROUS wall mounted beasts.
The bigger the better.
You almost feel like you are there.
NOTHING surpasses presence. 
Nothing surpasses being and participating in the environment, interacting with the people.
Active involvement. INVESTMENT.
People ...touchable, huggable...talking ...walking...moving...BEING.
Mountains, rivers, lakes and valleys.
Wind blowing, rain falling...fires crackling, snow drifting, kettles whistling.

This understanding of presence reminds me of my relationship with God.

I can view him from afar off:  Jesus died over 2000 years ago and the bible was written millenia ago. Jesus ascended into heaven and after all of that who has really seen God since?

When Jesus went to his father he gifted us with the INDWELLING Spirit.

No distance.
His Spirit...within me.

As I walk the land of my youth and memories gab hold and capture me, the most precious recollections I have are wrapped up in the understanding that:
It was HERE I knew HE was GOD.
It was HERE I knew I was His.

This is my heritage, this is my down home legacy.


  1. What a beautiful place and such a beautiful place!

  2. Post....that last word should be post!

  3. Thank you for a beautiful post - that photo makes me want to pack my bags, travel there, and sit on the banks of that lake and just think about life, Jesus, creation! (not necessarily in that order)
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  4. @nancygrace It is a beautiful place! I am blessed to have grown up here. Thanks for stopping in and sharing.Have a great day!

    @GraceinAZ I've done a whole lot of thinking about life, Jesus and creation on the shores of that lake. I am still doing that today! Thanks for stopping in! Blessings.