Friday, August 17, 2012

Just Breathe

Life is not going quite according to plan.
The specs on my summer somehow got mislaid along the way and I find myself nearing the end of August wondering what happened.
Night after night I lie in the dark, tears leaking from the corners of my eyes, whispering the name of Jesus over and over.

It is a plea?
Is it a hope?
Is it a crutch?

There are moments when I feel that I don't have the right to use His precious name.
Those moments are the ones when I cling anyways.
I cling tighter.
I grip with the strength of one going under for the third time.
It is not common sense... but an outlandish realization that: I have no where else to go !

Whom have I but you Lord ?

 The words escape my lips with every breath I breathe.

Just Breathe.

I have gone so far beyond reasonable faith.

I am past reason.

I will NOT let go.

I am declaring like the three who stood before the furnace:

My God will save me...and even if He does not: I will not bow.

He saves because of His nature.
He rescues, because of who He is.
His mercy.... is full of MERCY.
Grace.... unmerited... undeserved....unrelenting: is found in HIM ALONE.

Today ... stripped... standing in the light of day: I am the Least.

Not measured by possessions, education or station in life... but by what I have to offer in exchange for His perfection:


I am last.

Unless He raises me up:  I am NOWHERE.

He makes me SOMEONE.

I am who He says I am.

He makes me His.

As I sit here alone the world fades, even as the sun shines in a blazing blue sky and I hear cars passing, the sound of children's voices and birdsong are carried by the breeze through my window:

Just Breathe, I whisper to myself.

Just Breathe, the Spirit whispers deep within.

The breath of God: my creator, my designer... sustains me.

I am because He decided I was to be.

I trust because there is NOTHING else, NO ONE else ....

I know I need Him.


Like air.

All I need to do is: Just Breathe.

How's your breathing today?


  1. NancyGrayce...thanks for visiting and replying with an AMEN. It echoes deep within my heart and I appreciate knowing you were here. blessings!
    P.S....... I am glad you didn't get hit by lightning when you were walking but supposed to be cleaning the RV. Thanks for the movie review...I am going to wait for it to come out on video, as I am not interested in being scrunched between my own Hero and a strange person. (*grin*)