Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thanks Be To God

Lochiel Lake, Nova Scotia  ( photo courtesy of my sister Tracy Auton Stuit)

Thankfulness resides deep within my soul.

I live with it daily. I see no other choice when I look at my own heart and see my faults and failings and yet have such an abiding peace filling all the empty spaces left by the ravages of this life.

Circumstances change like the weather.
Harsh situations sometimes settle in like a long, cold, hard winter; others blast a path like a tornado, while some churn slowly through with hurricane force leaving utter devastation in it's wake.

The past year is littered with 'what ifs' and  'if only's'.

Questions dominate.

Bewilderment lingers.

This truth remains: The present is what it is. It simply is.
It is a gift for which I am truly grateful in spite of everything that has happened since my last Thanksgiving weekend.

Loved ones in my life no longer walk the planet.
Grief grips.
Friends have lost beloved family members to ravenous diseases.
Loss lingers.
Others have devastated relationships, crippled and scarred, littering the landscape of this past year.
Pain punctuates.

Leaning against the pillows as I write this post, my eyes drift closed.... my breathing slows:

I am still.


The world turns on its axis... the sun spins across the sky... the night approaches from the east as it ever does.

Life is precious.

I am alive.

My story continues along with billions of others.

He wills it: therefore I am.

God be praised, I am not done yet.


Grateful am I : for what He has done in all my yesterdays and is doing today and will do tomorrow.

All of life is His to command and He does all things well.

He resides at the center of all I am grateful for: He is the reason for my gratitude.

HE is.

Thanks be to God.

~For those who have visited my ramblings today:

I pray that you are thankful for you.
I pray that your heart swells with gratitude for your very breath and the opportunity to love and glorify God for another day.
I pray peace and joy in the midst of your living.
I pray strength for today and hope for tomorrow.
I pray that simply trusting provides fertile ground for faith to grow in the coming year.

I am grateful for the chance to share this life with you.

Blessings from my heart to yours,

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  1. Great thoughts Juanita. It's funny how we don't take the time to be still and know but things will come in our lives that will stop and ask some important questions, Where am I going?, What is really important?, How do others see me? Am I a giver or a taker? Do I like me? AND it's a time to listen to Dad and what He is saying. A time to realize that you are His child and and He knows you more than you do. What a privilege we have to live life with the Creator of all.I am glad that He is abiding and working in your heart.