Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Remember God...

You know when something so profound registers in the depths of your being?
Deep in the core.
Way in there.
As deep as it goes...

... kind of like where the red blood cells are formed in the marrow of the bones deep...

That's how deeply my Father went today...

It took my breath away and I am still recovering..
And I am soooo thankful.

How does he do that?

Just by-passing all the junk that has built up?
All the leftovers from all the storms of late?
All the frightening failures and ignominious defeats?

It is like the build up of dirt and debris that is left when the snow melts after winter.
The remnants of the season before merge with winter's remains...

We remember the storms..the dark..the cold..the pain...the loneliness...
The car breaking down...
The heater not working...
The bills piling up...
The food prices soaring...
The flu...
The lingering coughs...
The unemployment...
The loss...
We remember death...

At my Heavenly Father's instigation..

I remembered him.

He penetrated.
He invaded.
He permeated.


It's not like he wasn't there before.

I know.

But he reminded me.
To remember.

This was our devotional lesson for the day.

Trouble in Hebrew..means " a tight place".

How well I know.

Narrow is the way that leads to God ( LIFE).
Few there be that find it.

No wonder.

Tight places are not fun.
Not much room for maneuvering.
Uncomfortable at best.
Terrifying in the extreme.

Today is my Remembrance Day!
In his goodness my Papa is reminding me that he has always been with me...
Has always sufficiently sufficed..
Has always made a way through..
Has always provided..
Has always redeemed...renewed and restored..
Has always sheltered..
Has always counseled..
Has always loved...

I will always have trouble.
The joy comes when I realize (remind myself/get reminded)
...that as I meditate..think on...fix my heart and mind on : HIM
...the trouble no longer defines us....
It becomes secondary to the knowledge of WHOSE I am...not just what I am going through.

This is my life.
One life.
Under God.
In God.
By God.

Just the simple act of remembering.
Shatters the chains in my mind.
Springs the traps at my feet.
Frees me from the quicksand.

Today I pray you all... remember God.
He has not forgotten you.
You are His.

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