Monday, February 7, 2011

I Don't Want to Be a Firework ( Sorry Katie)

I don't.
I really don't.

My first fireworks experience occurred on the waterfront in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
I was 20.
I was born in that beautiful city but was raised, for the most part, 2.5 hours away in the country.
Country girl moves to the big city.
I was a bit underexposed to fireworks.
They took my breath away.
I  "oooohed" and  "ahhhhhed" with the best of them.
I braved the crowds, the traffic, the crush of bodies jammed onto the pier.
I eagerly awaited the first flash of light...and I was not disappointed.


I mean really.
It wasn't Disney World or anything...
But ....


Two decades later and the song hitting the top of the charts and making a big splash at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show is "Firework" by Katie Perry.

It's catchy.
Sounds positive.
Self affirming.
I guess.

But really... beneath all the glitz and hype...

Who wants to flash across the sky?

A burst of light, color and sound and then what?
Ashes drifting on the wind.
The smell of sulfur.

Sounds sexy and appealing...
But underneath it lacks substance...
No long term impact.
All about me.
Proving my worth.
Showing "them".
But really all it
Here for a moment.
Gone and forgotten.

The bible says for us to :

"Let your light so shine before men that they might see your good deeds and praise your father in heaven."
Matthew 5:16

I want a sustained light.
One that burns and remains burning.
Lit from within..
Ignited by love.
Fed by constant communion with the Light of the World.

An oil lamp.
Steadily illuminating the dark.
I am NOT the source of my own light.
As I renew my strength in the presence of God I draw from a steady supply of oil.

Crowds don't come to see my lamp burning.
There are no traffic jams.
No talk-shows.
No thousands of people tweeting about me.
Following my blog.
No high level interviews.
I haven't made a big splash.
I'm not sure I've proved anything to anyone.

It's ok.
I'm just shining.
Letting the light shine.
Who it falls on and who it lights the way for...
That's not my business.
thats what I do..because I love the light.
It's all about Him.

So...shine today.

~~ Shine~~


  1. Thanks for this. So true! I want to be a light too, not a firework! I'm playing that song today in my exercise class I teach at the gym, but I'll be thinking about what you've said...

  2. Thx Jenn ! Enjoy your class. Shine!