Saturday, March 19, 2011


It's a scary word.


In past times that word associated with your name could mean death.
Or worse.

Nowadays we tend to gravitate towards the word unique.
It is more socially acceptable.
It sounds way more mysterious and permissible.
But only in specific situations.
With certain people.
We are still ducking and weaving in our society.

We live in a world hell-bent on education.
Their way.
In their schedule.
On their time-line.
Or else.

Proof demanded.
Interpreted... accepted or rejected.

What's proof of a life growing and learning and developing, expanding, enriching..impacting....
What does that look like?
Who decided?
How it was going to be?
How long it was going to take?????

We live in a society that watches.
Watches and evaluates.
How has it improved life?

We are more diagnosed.
Than ever before.

We have lost sight of the value of the individual.
Their life is chopped into measurable sections and held up for inspection.

He's not reading yet.
She can't divide.
He can't even write an essay.
Her reading comprehension skills are a little behind for her age.

When did we start majoring on what wasn't instead of what was.
When did we start micro managing the processes of a life.

We live on the planet for such a short time.
We've forgotten the whole of a life..

It is a WHOLE LIFE we are living.

How many years do we have?

What is the reason behind the living?

Make the most of your life they only get one shot...

I can't believe I have lived 43 years already.

But in all these years one message has never changed:

Education is the key ..they say...

What is this mysterious education that is the answer to all our woes?

From what I have seen the world has not improved.
We have more stuff.
More knowledge.
More technology.
We are faster and smarter than we have ever been.

We have more suicides.
More murders.
More illnesses.
More depraved acts.
More ..more..more...
The list goes on.

When did we start making the majority of life the pursuit of approval.
The measuring of worth and value.
The placement on a scale.

Un- _______

Who gets the most time?
The most opportunities ?
The most attention ?
The most effort?


Where do you go to be that?

Thinking differently is dangerous.

People want to help you change your mind.
They say things like..
But what about...
Will they measure up...
But ..your kids..they still need to make it in the world...
Won't they be missing out?

I am scared some days.
I know what beats deep inside my heart.
I know what resonates in the depths of my being.

Different demands a separation of sorts.
Not a lack of community...
But a digging in ...finding a healthy climate in which to grow.
A place to flourish.

People want immediate confirmation that what you are doing is right.
If something doesn't work out as they define success.. 
they scream and holler...point and shout..
smile knowingly...
frown disapprovingly...
see .. being different in that way was wrong..
You believed wrong.
I knew it.
The funny thing is.
When you are doing something the same as everyone else and you isn't blamed on the is blamed on extenuating circumstances..something random...

What is the proof of a life?
A good life?

Is is acclamation?
The approval of your peers?
A diploma?
A house and property?
A 401K...or retirement fund?
The ability to read or write an essay?
Knowing a little bit about a lot of things?
Being well rounded?


We are so NOT comfortable with different.

It escapes our tidy boxes.

It demands questions.

Most of the time I hear the words..
Oh I could never do that....

Then don't.

That's the beauty of being different.

I let you be you.
Walking out your days...your way.

The key is to let me do likewise.

There is a freedom in letting people be different.
Liberating yourself from measuring.

Our society is not set up to accommodate this well.

People used to be thrown in jail for Home Schooling.
They still are.
People are imprisoned and tortured all over the word for their Christian beliefs.
Racism exists.
Violence runs rampant.

Sin abounds.
Grace much more abounds.

I am walking out my life ...a leaf trembling in the wind.
I think differently about the world.
I have choices.
I choose.
I live.

Life is good.
Not easy.
The voices invade.
The yard stick is very evident some days.
Opinions fall like rain.

But I still dare.

Just relax.

It looks good on everyone.

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