Monday, March 14, 2011

In Pursuit of an Uncommon Life....

Life has a way of surprising me.
Moving me.
Shaking me up and setting me back down... all a flutter.
I guess I could replace the word 'life" with 'God' and it would make more sense.
It would make it more meaningful.
More real.
Decisions more important.
Reasons more relevant.
I  always wonder why I attribute active participation to an intangible: makes me...
It's a strange thing to say.
It creates distance between me and my I see and what I do.

Today I feel like a Martini that has been both shaken and stirred...

 It has begun.
I have begun...

To.Question. Everything.

It's not pretty.
But the freedom that I am finding in simply looking is phenomenal.
Taking stock.

I can feel the strings falling away.
....the rose colored glasses slipping off my nose.

How did I get here?
And where did all this stuff come from?

It is humbling.
To discover that I am owned rather than being an owner.
To find that I am more dependent than independent.
More possessed than possessing.
More defined than defining.

I feel like I have been copied and pasted.
Ctrl C
Ctrl V

Over and over.

There is a story being told today.
It is more than a bedtime story...
It is THE STORY....
And I have been listening.
It is so common.
It kills uncommon things.
It tells me what is popular...what is good or bad for me..what can make me beautiful... keep me younger..
Make me happier...
It speaks of the next best thing...the greatest ever solution to...the strongest, fastest...smartest...
Most successful...most efficient... THE BEST THERE IS...

Wish it.
Want it
Crave it.
Dream it.
Chase it.

OMG...for real!




So much weight.
So much.
So empty.

And the time... oh God...
The time I spend.... on NOTHING....


This is my declaration of independance:
I am bowing out of "the story"
I am in the process of excavating...dumping....eradicating...eliminating...
I am shutting down...
Turning off...
Tuning in...
Opening up....
Shedding... Shredding... THE STORY.

It's a radical move towards an uncommon life...
The pursuit is on and it is invigorating... terrifying....liberating...

Simply. Divine.

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  1. I am enjoying your journey, to the fullest!!

    Here's to being renewed. {cheers}