Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sola Deo Gloria

He was born a year and five days after his older brother.
We had two sons in one year.
We were still technically newly-weds.
He caught up in weight and size within the first year, after which there were no more hand-me -downs.
His speech was slow...but he mastered chess at a young age.
He hated losing and battled being a poor sport.
Words didn't come easily to him.
He couldn't fly by the seat of his pants.
He stumbled around trying to share his feelings, but continued to remain open and transparent.
He is teddy bear and fierce defender.
Thoughtful and sincere.
He declares at a young age usually devoted to navel gazing by his peers:

" I am most myself when I am serving."
Slow and steady.
Steadfast and quiet.
A paradox.
At once insecure and needing affirmation...yet sure and rooted.
Not quick to grasp.... at first blush...but a thinking soul....working things through.
Seeking. Realizing.Applying.

He started a job almost two weeks ago, this son of mine....the one who wrestles with interviews...
Unable to break through to the interviewer and show his worth...
His boss swears and demeans, mocks and ridicules.
My son leaves in the morning with a smile on his face and gratitude in his heart for the gift of work.
He comes home still thankful but heavy in spirit.
He prays;
Thank-you Lord for work. Give me strength. Bless my boss.
Days pass.
He moves from simply working to intercession and worship.
The Lord is truth. Every man a liar.
My God is an awesome God. he loves us ...Oh....

Unable to even listen to his iPod..he sings and prays all day under his breath....
A life offered in seconds and minutes.

Today...after being soundly cursed in front of another employee. He quietly returns to his work and waits til his boss is alone...
" Can I speak to you sir for a moment?"
The man assents.
Shaking...heart pounding...fear threatening his power of speech he quietly states:

" Sir, I have shown you nothing but respect ever since I started working for you. You have shown me nothing but disrespect. I would appreciate it if you would give me the same respect I show you."

Shocked by the respectful confrontation the man replies:

" I was wrong. You are right. Please forgive me."

The night before I was waffling between the rage of a mother...and the knowledge of a disciple....

Bless those who curse you....

Today my son stood...David vs Goliath....
Spirit of God vs Spirit of the Age.
Greater is He that is within...
Greater works than this shall you do....
The Kingdom of God advanced.
Sola Deo Gloria
For the Glory of God alone!

This son discribed the battle for his mind and his words and his actions to me like this:

"Today mom, every time my mind complained I worshiped. I sang under my breath. I prayed: Every time!
My heart burned: and then I spoke.I shook. I was afraid. I spoke through my fear. God did it."

To God be the Glory.

The goal is not vengeance.
The goal is redemption.
Names written in the Lambs Book of Life.
His kindness leads us to repentance....
Mercy triumphs over judgement...
A soft answer....
We cannot fight hatred with hate...
Cursing with curses....
Pride with pride...superiority....

Lives laid down...
Submitted to the One...who lived submitted...
That is the example..the model...
Today I saw Jesus...lived out in my son.
The Power of a Spirit -filled life.

Sola Deo Gloria.


  1. Proud of that boy of yours Juanita - please tell him so. :O)

  2. Wasn't sure if I should type his name or not...internet privacy and all that! lol

  3. Truly powerful... He is teaching us how to live.

  4. Truly humbling. He woke up this morning saying:Not my will Lord..but yours be done today!
    Amen and Amen!

  5. What beautiful fruit is growing on your tree!! Praise the Lord.

  6. Luke you have lived a life lesson that will be used many times in the years ahead and your willingness to be broken for others will make the offering sweeter and sweeter as the years go by.
    I am so proud of you and blessed to learn from a child! Aunty Aleta