Monday, November 28, 2011

But He...So I...

 It's a simple line that has come to have such a deepeer meaning in our home.

Four powerful words that when used to defend selfishness, greed, laziness or just plain meanness resulted in timeout and double the chores or grounding. (mine included!)

A statement which when used in reference to Jesus made all the difference in our attitude and life.

"But He, so I."

The challenge today is to ask yourself if your decisions about your behavior and your beliefs are related to how others behave towards you or how He behaved.

Do you start out defending your behavior by attaching it to someone elses choices?

"Well they did...that... so I did this."

It is the season of Joy to the world the Lord is come.
We sing: Emmanuel: God with us.
We declare: Glory to the new born King.

Today is Monday, first week of Advent: Will you anchor your life to His?
When you are faced with conflict or tough situations this week will you remember that: 

God loved.
Jesus came and died to save us.
So I / you________________ !

Blessings on your week. I know He loves you...and because He do I!

Drop me a line and let me know how His actions towards you have changed your actions toward others.

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  1. This is beautiful; what a lovely way to begin the Advent season!

    Love you girlie!