Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Craving the Light

I woke up this morning craving the light.

It was my first thought in that moment between sleep and awake.

I am reading the first novel of a trilogy by Harold Myra called Children in the Night
(It is out of print but you can get it second hand)
I read this book years ago and wrote half of it down in my journal.
(It takes a special book to make it into my journal.)
To this day I have never read a series like it.

The way Myra formed his landscape... the contrast of light to darkness .
The characters individual struggles to embrace the light....
...to reach for the light in a world that has never seen light..
The comparison between physical light and the internal light of truth/love/beauty/wonder ..
...The light of the creator...
Left an impact on my soul.

So much of life is lived in the shadows.
Under the covers.
Behind closed doors.
Under makeup.
Shrouded in fashionable attire.
Cloaked in reputation.

"To see the light.. you must have great longing. "
H. Myra

 I woke up longing today.
It is like a fire... a hunger...
... a desperation...
There is a deep abiding knowledge woven in the very fabric of my existence...

I must walk in the light.
I must let it illuminate all of me.
Expose me.
Undo me.
Remake me.

God is light.
In him there is no shadow.
In his light I can have:
True community. True friendship. Real living.
Everything that is beautiful, good and right.
Strength is found in the light.
The light helps me endure.
It feeds my spirit and fortifies hope.
It reaches the deepest of cornors.
Impenetrable dungeons.
The darkest Nights of the Soul.

The sun is blazing in a blue, blue sky today.
In the depths of winter the light it brings is such a gift.

My soul doth magnify the Lord.
My spirit rejoices..in God my saviour.
He is the Light of the World.

I crave him more than life.

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