Monday, January 24, 2011

Strength Perfected in Weakness...

“The Christian does not think God will love us because we are good, but that God will make us good because He loves us.” – C.S. Lewis

I am reading through Extreme Devotion (Voice of the Martyrs)
with my guys every morning.
It is nothing short of provoking!
There is a stillness that comes over us all when a truth hits home.
When a life lived in surrender makes it's impact on the shores of our own lives.
When the weakness of another is transmuted into something beautiful..
When the unflinching trust a person places in his creator translates into enemies won to the light.

We are seeing that total trust means that to live or die is gain.
Either one brings glory.
God chooses. Well.
A life preserved illuminates.
A life laid down...does the same.
God loves.
God is good.
God is right.
God. is. God.

He is not a fault finding God.
His strength is perfected in weakness.

Our flesh is weak.
We are scarred.

He fills us up.
He holds us together.
He sustains our life with his breath.
His love knows no boundaries...
He keeps.
He preserves.
He covers.
He redeems.
He saves.

Every minute.
Of every day.

We admire strength.

It is never more tangible than when contrasted next to abject weakness.

The firefighter carrying someone down a ladder.
The soldier rescuing a fallen comrade on the field of battle.
A father holding his newborn babe.

This walk of faith is a joint venture.
It takes two to have a relationship.
In a world that decries co-dependence...
I am without a doubt utterly and completely and esctatically dependent...

I am NOT my own.
He is the source of my strength.
Like Paul, I glory in my weaknesses...
He is so stunningly contrasted by them.
Look through me.... not at me...and you will see him.

He is utterly beautiful.
And I have need of him.
When I am weak... then he is strong...
Yes Jesus loves me...
The bible tells me so...

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