Monday, November 21, 2011

Something to Talk About....

In a conversation with a friend recently we started discussing  the purpose behind our blogging.

We questioned the value of what we were doing.

What's the meaning of it all?

I open up my blog on any given day, click on new post and sit in front of the screen.

The questions pile up like laundry in my brain:

~ Why do you do this?
~ Who wants to read this anyways?
~ Why do you have to blurt so hard and so long?

Compelled is what I am. That's all I know.

Stacks of old journals sit on my shelf:  full of years of laughter, tears and prayers, conversations with God.
Pages of passionate handwriting reflect everything from outbursts of temper to soul deep resolve.

I blog because I can. Because I must.

There are days where I wonder if what I say or share has any impact.

There are moments when bone deep insecurity grabs my throat and I want to scream.

There are things about me that I don't like.
There are broken places and messed up spaces.
There are shadows intermingled with patches of light.

I crave attention. I desire affirmation. I hunger for praise.

Human nature.

Along the way I have learned that attention from others does not satisfy, I always need more.
Affirmation always requires re-affirmation.
Praise needs to be repeated over and over and over again.
They are Black Holes unable to be filled.

Unless...the One who you turn to is eternal. go to the source.

His word forever settled. Unchanging. Far-reaching.


I have His attention: He gave Himself entirely for me.Suffered and died for me.
He affirms me as His own: Paid in full, bought back by His sacrifice.
I was not made for praise: I was not designed to be worshiped: but to reflect His Glory.

This is why I have something to talk about.

He is what I have to share.

Will you join the conversation?


  1. Still love this...Blogger is eating my comments!

  2. Blogs are the perfect short chapter one has time to read in any given moment of the day. They allow one to be inspired/think deeper in that brief moment. So Thank You! and keep blogging!

  3. This is so perfect... and it sums up exactly my experiences and conclusions of the past several weeks.


  4. Oh friend, these words are beautiful, precious.
    Thank you for sharing your tender heart!

  5. @Shawntele: I love that even though blogger ate your first comment, you commented a second time ! A true friend!Love you! {grin}

    @The Dolls: Thanks for stopping in and for your encouragement! Blessings!

    @Anon: Thanks for joining the conversation and for encouraging me to continue!

    @Meredith: I love knowing others are walking similar paths. When you share it deepens the impact of the truth! Thanks!!

    @Wender Sharing our hearts back and forth has become a treasured experience. Grateful for your presence in my life!