Wednesday, November 30, 2011

When I am Full of Wonder: I Forget to Whine

When I am full of wonder, I forget to whine.

I know this because just yesterday that truth was put to the test.

I got stuck in the swirling around the toilet bowl downward spiral 
of comparing and contrasting my life with the lives of others.

I got lost in judging the reality and life path of someone  else.

I staggered under the load of criticism I was silently screaming 
and sometimes muttering under my breath.

I wallowed in a puddle of arrogant assumptions.

This, all in a space of five minutes.

One of my sons waded into my mental quagmire and led me 
gently to a video he had watched on TED Talks.

He was my delivering angel yesterday. 
He led me feeble and blind, 
severely malnourished and swollen with an infected spirit, 
into worship, wonder and truth.

This is not a wordless Wednesday post.

As you watch the video, let your eyes feast, listen to the words 
and let yourself: your heart and your soul, wonder with me...
and let yourself be filled with gratitude.

The whining will take care of itself.

Walk into your blessed day and see it for the precious gift it is.

1 comment:

  1. I get twisted in that downward spiral as well. Thankfully He is always there to steer me out of it, and back into an attitude of gratitude.