Monday, January 31, 2011

Bigger on the Inside

Up at 6:30 am this morning.
Taking back my mornings means I take back my day.
I was talking to a friend yesterday about how seeing the dawn really impacts the rest of my day.
Watching the light approach and push back the darkness has always struck me as miraculous.

I know it is just the rotation of the earth on it's axis...
the same way the seasons change with the tilt of the earth  and it's position relative to the sun...
But..oh the magic..
the wonder..
when it happens...
the science falls to the ground and the stunning magnificence of CREATION reigns supreme.
The shout: "Let there BE" echoes through my soul!
The whisper: " Let there be" dances across my consciousness.....
Was it a shout?
A whisper?
It was power.
It was presence.
HE was.

This morning I was struck anew as I read the first chapter of James out loud in my living room.
I was captivated as I read Extreme Devotion with my sons.
I marveled as I held my steaming coffee on the cusp of a new day...

This life is bigger on the inside.
I grow to fit.
How is it that I can feel my heart expanding...when it is just flesh, blood, muscle...temporary ?
How can I KNOW my consciousness is expanding to fit eternal perspectives ?
How can I see with my eyes closed?
I am MORE... than I was yesterday... but have been fully known from before the foundations of the world.

Oh the magic.
Oh the wonder.
Oh the joy.

Today..I am going to live...
Inside out....

The view is breathtaking!

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  1. Visiting via MOB. Love what you said about living inside out. So true.