Monday, September 5, 2011

B90Days: Why I Read

I read because there is no better place to discover the fullness of the nature of God.There is no better place where I can begin to comprehend the majesty of his Holy Name.

His Word. His Character. His Name.

Whom have I but you Lord ?
The more I read the more I cry out !
There is none beside you LORD !
You are the LORD...there is NO other.

Do you wonder who it is you serve?
Who it is who saved you?
Is there anything He cannot do?

He is sufficient.

I pray that this challenge is more than a checking off of a list..
...more than a desire for an : "I did it!" T-shirt at the end.
I pray that there will be nothing left at the end of this challenge except a burning hunger for more.
More of Him.
More desire for his word to be planted deep within your heart.
More desire for his nature, his character, to be revealed around you, in you and through you.
More of an understanding of whose you are. 
More of an understanding of who He is. 

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