Friday, September 16, 2011

Confessions of the Undisciplined

You wouldn't know to look at her would you? She doesn't look undisciplined.
She would call herself spontaneous...
even impulsive....
She was a young girl once. Not so long ago.
She was so eager to please. So deeply insecure.
Desperately needing approval.

Can you relate at all?

She excelled academically.She excelled in sports.
She was valedictorian in Bible School.
Confidence she learned to trust more deeply in the God she was raised to believe in. The God of the Bible. Jehovah. YHWH. Jesus.
She recalls walking through the forests, fields and dusty country roads of her youth, reaching out to her maker...believing....

Did you walk those dusty paths too? 
Reaching for something you knew was there...
...someone...who knew the heart of you?

The minutes and the hours and the days rush by in a blur.
Where has that girl gone ?
Is she lost to age and experience?
Has she been totally taken over by the woman who regards the Word, prayer and discipleship, communion and intimate fellowship with God as OPTIONAL?

Is it optional for you?

Life is but a vapour...
This body will fall is failing..aging...dying.
My family, precious gifts that they are, cannot compare to the One who gave them to me for a season. 

Can their needs outweigh my need of God..
my need to spend time with him? Do they?

There is no more precious future ahead of or behind me.
There is NOW.God is here NOW.  
That truth takes my breath away.

Do you see him? Can you hear him?

Grab your bible. Fall to your knees. 

Are you aware that you have always been His? 
That His sole aim is to reconcile you to Himself 
for His glory and His name's sake?

This is my confession today:
I have been an undisciplined child.
I know where my soul longs to be. I know what will satisfy. I am without excuse.
My knees shake as I bow. My hands tremble as they rise...lifted to the only One worthy of everything I have.
He will NOT be relegated.
He knows HE is what I need.
He is what you need.

And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, 
you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."
~~ Matthew 18:3 ~~

Are you struggling today?
Have you relegated time with God and His word to the optional column?
Is the battle raging ?
God has placed eternity in your heart...and HE alone can satisfy...
You are not alone...remember: He makes all things beautiful, He does all things well.

Will you come with me..will you worship and bow down?
Will you  become like a little child...

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  1. My soul resonates your words. He is the only one who can meet all of our needs; fill us to overflowing. Thank you for these words. They fit hand-in-hand with my desire to immerse myself in my B90Days notes ...