Sunday, September 18, 2011

I {Heart} Back Home in the Autumn

It's that time of year again. Sigh. The time when a picture can make my heart seize in my chest.
When a simple photo can cause my breath to catch and tears to well up. And gratitude spills over.

And I worship.

The place I grew up is just that beautiful.
It is beautiful in all it's seasons and moods... but's pure magic.

I'm a Nova Scotia girl, born and raised, blessed and grateful.
Being transplanted west I now have the Rocky Mountains on my doorstep...and gratitude builds again.
What a wonderful world!

What views are out your window this September?
What were the landscapes of your youth?
There's beauty everywhere....what a gift when we share.

(These photos were taken by my sister last autumn...the colours are just beginning to turn. We are all eagerly awaiting this years display!)


  1. Wow Juanita! What gorgeous pics and heart stirring words! Yes! There is beauty all around us! Thanks for reminding me to take time to enjoy it! Did I mention I loved the pics --- (: Keep up the great writing!

    In Christ,
    Kim Jones

  2. Breathtaking pictures! Fall is my favorite time of year also; God does such magnificent artwork, doesn't He?!