Friday, September 23, 2011

She Chooses

First thing this morning she's up, wandering downstairs to the coffee maker. As she climbs the stairs to return to her cozy bed and start her daily reading she collapses at the top stair. She can't move. She calls out from her knees to her husband. Tears threaten but don't spill.

Her lover comes. Swiftly. He stands behind and lifts her dead weight and carries her, placing her gently and surrounding her with love.
Her son comes and places support at her back.
Another brings her first coffee of the day and places it in her hand.

The sun  peeks over the horizon.
Everyone pauses...the light touches the landscape...the darkness flees before it. The clouds enhance the beauty...but it's the light....
Sheer wonder grips us all. We are compelled. We are captivated.
And WE worship.

Everything else finds it's proper place. Love wins. Her eyes close, her mind shifts and her focus is sharpened. Another day. Another chance to love. To share. To give everything she has...everything that comes from her maker...this is her offering. She is rich beyond measure. It is JOY unspeakable: full of glory.

This is her choice today.

What have you chosen today?


  1. Beautiful!

    Contentment, Joy, and Peace--my choices.

    Blessings to you!

  2. Practicing JOY. Yep. Working on that one, too...and the choice to move forward in it.

    Love, blessings, hugs to you....

  3. @Christy Love those choices. Blessing right back to you and all those you love!

    @Cheryl: It is a practice. We do get stronger! His strength perfected in us!
    Loving you right back!

  4. Praise God for your loving family! I've spent many hours resting this past two weeks during surgery recovery and have also experienced the HUGE blessing of a husband and children who really know how to CARE for me. God is good. Praying for your healing, Juanita.