Saturday, September 24, 2011

Social Media School

Juanita Rose is going to school. She has her trusty notebook, her stash of pens, sharpies, post-its and highlighters. She has her library card and a stack of text books a mile high. She is soooooo excited.

Considering the year she graduated {1985} her rural Highschool purchased a room full of Comodore 64's, she is AOK with her desktop computer and her oldish laptop.
{ Upgrades coming soon! Woot!}

Her teachers/tutors are:

#SMGirlgriends, #likeablemedia,@cindyrushton, @DIYministeries, her Twitter followers: bloggers extraordinaire & her trusty sidekick @_shawntele of Rambling with Grace fame.
{The list is growing and expanding at an alarming rate!}

Her print resources so far are:

likeable social media by Dave Kerpen
The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging
Power Friending by Amber Mac
Unmarketing:Stop Marketing Start Engaging by Scott Stratten
Everyone Communicates: Few Connect by John Maxwell (not an SM book but so great)

Her inspirations are almost that a word? 
Her dreams are huge!
{World Domination is a viable option}

This little online journal where she impulsively shares her heart is going to become more focused and intentional, more interactive and  hopefully, engaging!

It's almost make-over time!

I hope as I learn, absorb and grow, that those of you who visit will become a larger part of the conversation. I pray that we will relate in a deeper and more meaningful way. That relationships will develop that are intentional and encouraging for all of us.

It's people that matter. You matter.

Keep checking back....the journey is about to get exciting!

{Pssst #1: If you know of any resources that would be great additions to the mile-high pile please leave a comment.}
{Psssst #2: If you want to pass on some extra encouragement and love...leave a comment too!!}