Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Glory to God Alone

Sola Deo Gloria: "Glory to God Alone"

One of Five Solas: five Latin phrases that developed during the Reformation.
The other four being:
Sola Scriptura ~ by scripture alone
Sola Gratia ~by grace alone
Sola Fide ~ by faith alone
Solus Christus ~ Christ Alone

I am personally dealing with the Glory to God Alone issue.
This is one thing that God doesn't share.

To be honest...

I like it.
I need it.
I crave it.

So. Help.Me.God.

The furies are at work in my subconscious.
Busily building graven images.
Carving out my likeness.
Painting my portrait.
Tweaking my portfolio.
What am I selling ?
Myself? My reputation?My ministry?My gifts?
Look and see what God is doing/has done in me !
Could this be translated: Look at Me?
Friend me. Follow Me. Recommend ME.

Do people talk about me and the way I say things, the way I engage the discussion, the way I encourage them....more than the One I am pointing to?

There is a challenge for us living in this social media driven world:

There is a challenge for us living in a society driven by opinion polls.
Likes and Dislikes.
Feed Burners and Stats.
We fear invisibility...not being recognized for our contribution...

Let me refer you to the Original....
How about : Look.And.See.God.

Use the hours you spend looking for encouragement to seek Him.

How about: Recommending His Word above everything else?

Use the time you spend reading hundreds of posts and books about God...
WITH God alone.

How about: Following Jesus

Use the FOLLOW button carefully...who are you truly Following?

I remember back in the day hearing someone preaching  about being nameless and faceless.
Being see-through.
Pierced to the point of only being viewed as a lamp for the Light of Christ to shine through.
The light is the whole point!
Being containers filled with the Glory of God.
The Glory is the point.
Pipes flowing with Living Water.
The Water is the point.

Sometimes I wonder if I have misplaced the Fear of the Lord.

My boys asked me one morning during devotions :
Why was Jesus born at that specific time period?
He could have marketed himself better right about now...
He could have reached the entire globe...gone viral on facebook and twitter.
I wonder if he would have trended well?

Can you imagine the followers on his blogroll?

Then again...
His disciples were uncouth fishermen...
...not the best of the best...
They walked dusty roads and carried NO provisions...
He told stories about leaving the 99 and searching for the "one"....
His fan base was prostitutes, tax collectors...thieves...lepers...
His biographers were murderers...betrayers...


John the Baptist was a miracle baby.
John the Baptist had disciples.
He lived in the desert.
Ate locust and wild honey.
Dressed in camel skins.
People went in droves into the desert to see the spectacle.
He called for repentance.
He prepared the way for the Messiah.
He pointed to Jesus: That's Him..He's the One.
He decreased.
His disciples left him.
He was imprisoned.
He was beheaded.


There's the model.

For the handfull of people who come here to read I say to you:
Follow Jesus...not people talking about him.
Be His Disciple.
Devour His Word not mine or some other persons.

Talk to Him more than anyone else.
Without ceasing.

Love Him.
Imitate Him.
Share Him.
Live For Him.

Most, if not all, of the disciples followed Jesus right down the road to their own execution stakes.
In some countries of the world..this is still the consequence of following Jesus.

Glory: To God Alone!

I must decrease...

...because when I do...

He never leaves or forsakes.
While I was still a sinner ..He died for me.
I am my beloveds and He is mine.
Well done thou good and faithful servant.

I hope you seek God..with all your heart today...just so you know...I'll be doing the same...


  1. Wow well said. He has stopped me in my tracks once again and adjusted my course. Sometimes I need to be reminded that it is not my story that I merely include Him in. I am to submit my all to Him and accept no praise for the works in my life but to acknowledge the incredible love and mercy of my father in heaven. I am humbly a vehicle for His glory and I commit my life to allowing Him to continually show me the corners of my heart I have not yet turned over to Him.

  2. Humbled.



    On my knees.