Saturday, July 30, 2011

I (Heart) Books

Sigh....don't you just love books?

I do.

I love old books, new books, red books, blue books.

I love them here.

I love them there.

I love them...LOVE THEM... everywhere!

So..for your perusing enjoyment..if you are so inclined...
I present a list... or two..of some of my all time favs 
(and some that I am itching to dive into...)
This list is by no means exhaustive....
...just a joyous, spontaneous, recalling at the moment...
...because a good day to read !!!

This first list is composed of books I can go back to...
....over and over and over again.
They are friends that speak.
Beloved characters....enduring landscapes.

OLD-ish: (Fiction)

Hinds Feet on High Places
Mountains of Spices
The Divine Romance
The Singer
The Song
The Finale
A Symphony in Sand
A Requiem for Love
Girl of the Limberlost
Keeper of the Bees
The Harvester
The Choice
No Man in Eden
Children in the Night
The Shining Face
Morning Child
Mister God this is Anna
The Folk of the Faraway Tree
The Little White Horse
Pilgrim's Inn
The Blue Castle
The Lost Prince

 The list that follows..well... 
has the potential to...
...transform the landscape, internal and external.
Read with caution.

New-ish (Non Fiction)

Crazy Love
The Forgotten God
Everyone Communicates: Few Connect
Extreme Devotion
The Dangerous Duty of Delight
Boiling Point
Radical Together
Messy Spirituality 
Pagan Christianity
Re-imagining Church
From Eternity to Here
Not A Fan
Attitude 101
Success: One Day at a Time
168 Hours:You Have More Time Than You Think
Operation World
Hungry Planet
Material World
Women in the Material World
Revolution in World Missions

These are just a few of my favorite things.
I am sure you have yours...feel free to share !
I am always looking for new friends!


  1. Sounds like some great reading...I get lost in my books (especially with books that Beth Moore wrote) I feel like I'm listening to you when I'm reading her books. :)

  2. Thank-you precious lady! I came home with books today...they are in a pile in front of me..and I am grinning from ear to ear at the thought of diving in tonight! Wish we could meet up for coffee and hugs, laugh and cry! I miss you! I (heart) you too!

  3. I remember you talking about a lot of those books. Childhood reading is a gift!

    But do you like e-books? This is the question in this century.

    Q4U: I'm going to indie publish (yes, I am, and so excited!) in September, and I'm wondering if you'd be interested in reading CLOCKWISE my YA Time Travel to review? If not, no problem! I know life is busy.

  4. @ excited for you!!!!
    Would love to read Clockwise...and review it for you! See all my exclamation points ((GRIN)).

    E-books....I am looking into the whole phenom.
    I am old school in that I love holding a book...but I don't yet have an e-reader tablet.
    I WANT one. I think as my eyes are beginning to require assistance I might appreciate being able to enlarge the font.
    Be blessed as you move forward. Hugs!

  5. Great! Can you give you your email address again? l.strauss at shaw dot ca

    Thanks my friend!