Thursday, July 28, 2011

a walk with a son in the sun worshipping The Son

I hope I never take walking for granted. 

After being flat on my back and hopped up on pain killers, narcotics, 
anti-inflammatory meds and muscle relaxers for months now,
walking along at more than a stumbling shuffle is a glorious thing!

(Now if only I could dance!! )

Middle son and I walk... nibbling on frozen berry smoothy popscicles.

The baby ducks at the pond are now fully resembling their parents.

The roses have bloomed and gone. 
( That was fast...summer please slow down!!!)

The morning glories along the path fill the air with their heavenly aroma
as they peek out from among the tall grasses. 
( Hide-and-seek anyone??)

The thistles are gloriously purple and prickly!
( They are so bold !!)

The clover are succulent and sweet.
(Yummy !!!)

The willows are tall and serene creating shaded walks and mysterious shadows.
(an aisle in nature's cathedral)

The Indian Paintbrushes bend low in the warm wind and stir creative juices.
(use me...use me...)
The sun beats down.

The warm wind blows.

I lift my face. 

Son does likewise.

We sing.... as we walk....(Courtesy of David Crowder)

"There is no one like you, 
there has never, ever been any one like you...."

..and we smile into each others eyes
...this is the true bond between us...closer than blood or DNA

We worship.

A little bit of heaven on earth.

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  1. Which middle son was so blessed to walk with his Mamma and enjoy some one on one time & smoothie popsicles?!? Sounds wonderful!