Tuesday, October 18, 2011

But It's Just Not True

Northern Parula ~ Photo: Tracy Auton Stuit

How many times have you poured out your heart to God, telling him how lost you feel, how disappointed or how abandoned ?

You fill in the blank:

" But God, I feel so_________________."

"God, I feel like a_____________________!"

I don't know about you, but for me the battle is always raging.

My words go something like this: {in no particular order}:

I feel so: helpless, hopeless, useless, undesirable, unworthy....

I feel like a :  failure, loser, disappointment...

At home group last week we were talking about how our relationships with our fathers affected our view of God.

For the good or the bad.

We discussed how we are unable to see clearly and trust in grace because most of us feel the need to perform for God's approval.

We try so hard, as if in the doing we become acceptable.

The simple things of God confound the wise, that is what my bible says.

There is a line in the novel 'The Shack' that speaks directly to the heart of this issue:

The main character Mac says to God:

" ...but God I feel so...lost..."

The reply is so simple, so peaceful, so deeply profound:

God reaches out, takes him by the hand and says:

" I know, but it's just not true."

Let that sink in for a minute...right into the core of your being.... let the echo resonate deep inside:

God is who he says he is.
I am who he says I am.
You are who he says you are.

Is there an area in your life which has you imprisoned or immobilized?

Are your feelings or your opinions regarding who you are, your situation and circumstances in conflict with God's viewpoint ?

He takes care of the sparrows and the lilies...how much more is he caring for you?

Maybe it's time you stretched out your hands, looked into his face and trusted him when he says:

I know...but it's just not true...


  1. Thank you friend. I have been feeling lost and dead inside. I'm tired. However, God speaks truth to me through His word. I am annointed and loved.

    It is true that we all view our relationship with God in regards to our relationships with our fathers. I didn't have a father so sometimes it's hard to believe that God is there always.

  2. Love It! Love It! Love It! And especially Love you!
    Hugs, Anna

  3. @Michelle **hugging you** & looking forward to our coffee meet-up!

    @Anna: LOVE you right back!