Wednesday, October 19, 2011

{ a pinch, a dash & a dollop }

I had a friend call me not too long ago asking me for my recipe for slow cooked pulled pork.

 Ummmm.Sigh.This happens to me periodically quite a lot.

I am a good cook { that's not vanity just the plain truth}.
There's just one teeny tiny problem:  I never use recipes except for when baking, and even then I fudge everything depending on my mood. To my mind all recipes originated with someone so most ingredients are fair game for change.

For me it's a dash of this and a pinch of this and a dollop of that other thing.
I discover: ooops, I'm out of that,  and stand in the pantry wondering what I could substitute. I can make anything from scratch.
I mix and match items from an almost empty cupboard and come up with a great meal. Don't know where I got it from but there it is.

Makes for awkward conversations when someone wants the recipe however.

I find it difficult to explain what I do, when I cook and why it turns out and how my brain works when I am putting something together.
I am fearless in the kitchen and I don't mind failing.
Somethings might get a bit spicy: oops {wink} but a little extra chili peppers never killed anyone, not that I've heard anyways. {grin}

Have you ever noticed when cooking that: 
once the salt is in, it's in for good ? 
You can't get it back.

Once the hot sauce/chili pepper is added there's not much you can do except grab a glass of milk on the side and hold on for the ride.
Certain ingredients take a careful hand, a watchful eye and lots of taste testing!

I wish I did that more with my words.
Every day has a recipe.
You can trace it back from the end to the beginning.
Look at the ingredients.
What was the end result?

Some days need a little more grace than others.
Some demand extra patience and mercy.
Others need laughter and compassion.
Every day requires a full storehouse of love.

I am learning to keep my pantry stocked and a watchful eye on the levels in my jars.
There are certain things I can't live without.
Daily essentials.
I need to care for my spirit and tend to my soul.
I need to feed myself so I can nourish others.

Have you looked into your pantry lately?
What do you need to stock up on?
What needs throwing out?
What needs refreshing?

Grab your bible :: dive in :: feed your spirit and tend to your soul.
Bow your head and heart :: worship, pray,
and then go out and live abundantly, love extravagantly !

Let me know how it's going, if you need anything: we can pray together.
That's what neighbors do, neighbors share !

{BTW, my friend said her pulled pork turned out great, I went over and peeked in the crock pot myself just to make sure! Yum-o!}


  1. Oh how I love the interwoven cooking/faith correlation. So beautifully written, and such an important message to share.


  2. @Wendy {hugs} thanks for your kind words that flow out of a kind heart....