Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wounded Loving

It has been a rough couple of weeks years.( the time is blurring )

Thankfulness rises accompanied by tears today.
It is a messy sort of gratitude grown from within the crucible of suffering, pain, frustration...exhaustion...

It is as my beautiful friend Shawntele put it: Joy in the Midst

~ I am grateful for the miracle of Love : whereby we hold our wounded selves against another wounded soul and trust that the Father is making something beautiful out of the mess.

~ I am so thankful for mercy and grace extended when fear dominates and clouds vision and reason.

~ My heart  is humbled by fractured hearts still reaching out, blossoming in the reality of our Heavenly Father's unlimited, matchless Grace and Love.

~ For breath and hope and the ability to let go and trust when everything that can be

~ For Life distilled into precious oil...that anoints and infuses the soul with a sense of eternity.

I am thankful for you....for all of you who read, who comment...who bless me with your lives...

We the broken, wounded lovers..are being made beautiful....just wait and see!


  1. Your friendship blesses me; all your brokenness & messiness, all your junk & stuff, all of YOU!

    This journey we are sharing is amazing and I adore every bit of it! {{hugs}}

  2. Your sweet spirit never ceases to amaze me. No matter how messy life gets, you are a bright-shining star. Oh how He adores you! {And I do too! ;-) }