Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Legacy: A Lasting Impression

Dawn~ Lochaber, Nova Scotia  Photo: Tracy Auton Stuit

In those last moments between sleep and awake this morning, I felt my conscious thoughts turn from pain to Jesus.

It was like there was a switch in my brain that redirected my thinking.

I woke, shifting my body into a more comfortable position, only to find that there was none.

Words tumbled through my mind and I swung my legs over the side of the bed, wincing as I stood.

My destination? My ancient laptop { an old mac~ powerBook G4}.

{I can hear you laughing from here, but let me tell you something: It has a keyboard, it connects to the internet and it fits within my budget. It owes me nothing, which is the sum total of our finances at the moment since I haven't been working for almost a year. }

Pain has been a constant companion for a while now. The ability to stand on my own is not something I take for granted. It is not a given.

Every day is a different story. The results of my attempts sometimes end up with me on my knees in strange places like the bathroom floor, the middle step or halfway to my desk chair. I sometimes find myself frozen between my place of origin and my destination unable to take another step.

This is my life.

We live in a world maniacally focused on diminishing our impact on the environment.
This impression is described as a footprint.
For all intents and purposes we are all supposed to leave a smaller one.
An admirable goal on a waste/recycling/polluting scale.

We also live in a world where making a lasting impression is something to be sought after.

Society tells us that it is important to leave a legacy. We esteem visionaries like Steve Jobs.
We extol celebrities/musicians like Michael Jackson. There are countless others we could name.

 Pain woke me up this morning, but within moments the focus shifted and a whisper blew across my soul. A name formed upon my lips:  Jesus, and there in the midst of the pain, peace ruled.

This was a classic re-direct.

My body sent instructions to go to a certain place but a switch was flipped and deep within me in a place only God himself knows, a place where He alone has access and is at work....something life altering occurred.

I am filled with wonder. I worship. I lie here and in the darkest reaches of the night and I begin to understand in some small way: that every time my soul reaches for him, he is already there.  

Pain shrouds. Disappointment blurs. Anger distorts. Bitterness erodes.

Jesus comforts. Jesus heals. Jesus restores. Jesus forgives. Jesus loves.

Jesus left a HUGE global footprint.

We were all born into iniquity, the bible says.
The bible also says that before the world was formed He knew us.

The first impression is always the strongest. I was His first.

As I write I feel compelled to disclose the legacy I want to leave:

  • When someone begins to talk about me I want the conversation to turn to Jesus.
  • When my name is spoken, I want the frame of reference to be His work, His character, His promises, His impact.
  • When I breathe my last breath I hope and pray that the footprints He left in my life are HUGE!

I want everyone to be redirected.
Nothing to see here folks.
Let me direct your attention to: Jesus

In a society that fears invisibility.
In a society that worships fame.
In a society consumed with self promotion....

Jesus calls us to another way.

In the gospel of John we are told that God loves each of us  as much as he loves his son.
{grab a bible check it out!}
Jesus said: if you have seen me, you have seen the Father.
{those words got him killed}

That is my prayer.
That is the impression I want to leave on this planet.
That is a footprint of global proportions, with eternal ramifications.

What has left indelible footprints on your landscape lately?

What type of impression are you leaving in the lives you come in contact with?

What do you want your legacy to be?

Drop me a note in the comments...I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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