Friday, October 28, 2011

It Is Possible... ( from the archives )

It is possible :

~ for a heart to be full of joy and sorrow at the same time.

It is possible :

~ for awareness to co-exist with ignorance.

It is possible to look into the face of a child and see innocence and guilt mirrored in their eyes.

It is possible :

~ to have hope intermingled with despair.

Peace at war with chaos.

Patience threatened with anger.

Kindness walking hand in hand with greed.

It is possible for coldness to penetrate warmth.

Light to pierce the dark.

Streams to flood the desert.

It is possible for strangers to be friends.

Friends to be strangers.

Family to be estranged.

It is possible for :

The unlimited to become limited.

The timeless to be constrained by time.

The invisible to become visible.

For the uncreated to become..kill-able.

It is possible for a person to gain the whole world and lose their soul.

It is possible to honor with words and not your heart.

It is possible :

~ to give your body to be burned
~ give all you have to the poor
~ understand all mysteries
~ have all knowledge

...and STILL not have Love...

It is NOT possible to love God and hate your brother.


Love by its very definition must flow through.

Forgiveness must be received into and flow out of ones heart unhindered or it's not forgiveness.

Love and forgiveness cannot be stopped or stored up.

Grace and Mercy must flow freely.

It is possible.

With God.

All things are possible :



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  1. Thank you for a beautiful thought to start the day! Hugs, GraceinAZ