Friday, October 7, 2011

Everyday Miracles

A hurricane made landfall in our lives this week.

The gale force winds decimated everything that was not anchored securely.

Pay-pal dipped into our bank account twice and left us holding an empty bag, trying to pay bills with a whole lot of nothing. The money would be returned they said.. within 8 business days.

The brakes on our van went from silent to grinding over a 48 hr period.

Jobs supposed to start Monday are still on hold by Thursday.

My health remains the same but was given it's own special name this week.

These are the facts.

Here are some more:

While updating a friend on our current circumstances, her husband was immediately on the computer looking up the inventory at the local wrecking yard. Within 15 minutes of the call, they had driven their cars out of their garage, had our vehicle up on jacks and they were off to the wreckers. Several hours later and spending less than $10 our van was back on the road. Helpful.

My neighbors next door who have started a company designing custom motorcycle seats, belts and other leather items, showed up with a custom leather belt for me designed with a rose motif: Rose is my middle name. Beautiful.

My girlfriend from around the corner shows up spontaneously at my door this afternoon with a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. Thoughtful.

A good friend shows up this afternoon with a sealed envelope, the contents of which matched the total that was taken from our account.Generous.


I discovered the strength of my anchor this week.
I discovered the sureness of my foundation.
I discovered {again} that the Rock on which I stand is trustworthy.

Life is meant to be shared.
Right now it feels like we are drowning in need, but I know that we still have something to give.
We have love, friendship, gratitude, smiles, hope, prayer,

If you are overwhelmed with needs today, don't lose hope....and remember:
You are a unique gift....and that gift is of incredible worth...
If you have abundance today....look around you: give with an open hand.
It is the lives around you that are eternal not the stuff you possess.
Share what you have... that's what you have it for...

Drop me a comment, I'd love to hear your stories...
It's a pay-it-forward Friday.....


  1. Here I would think I would have something by now...loving you all the same!! {{hugs}}

  2. Since I know you love comments so much I am leaving you a second one today! :D

  3. I have been praying for comfort and peace ever since I heard "the name" that came with your diagnosis...

    I had no idea of the rest of the story... wow, my friend.

    And God's beautiful, amazing provision, using the hands, hearts, and resources of those who love you . . .

    *arms lifted up to God!*


  4. Our God is so good. And He's supplied incredible friends to help you through this time.

    You {and your sweet family} are in my prayers, and I'm only a phone call away if there's anything I can do for you.

    YOU are a gift, sweet friend!

  5. @Meredith: Our God is AWESOME!

    @Wender: Hugging you right back!