Monday, October 31, 2011

October's Last Laugh....

My morning started off with a goodbye kiss from my husband as he headed out to work. (yummy)
The kiss was followed by a steaming cup of Three Sisters Coffee ( Kicking Horse) delivered to my bedside by my 18 year old son just before he headed off to work. ( accompanied by yet another kiss on my cheek:

My hands were still wrapped around my steaming mug, my face hovering over the gorgeous aroma wafting upwards, eyes closed in bliss, as my 16 year old son bounds into the room , bumping into the end of my bed as he reaches for the strings to pull up the blinds bellowing with glee:


Welcome to Canada where you can see this white stuff sometimes 9 or 10 months of the year, even this close to the 49th parallel.

This year I greeted  the frozen, falling moisture with a smile.
I have been doing the twelve step program all summer long in preparation for this event.
I am strong. I will not retreat.
Winter is good.
Winter is beautiful.
Snow is pretty rain.
Rain with color.
A beautiful white carpet spread beneath my feet.

Bah..who am I's not winter's fall: someone jumped the gun!
They should be fired!
It's not fair..I thought I had more time...

Breathe... Just Breathe...pass me the brown paper bag please.

And now..I sit here waiting for my friend Lisa to appear in the comment section or on my facebook status.

I sit here waiting...rocking...muttering...

Repeating: I love winter...I love winter...I love winter...

It's Autumn dressed as winter that I can't stand!

Now I feel better!

What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?

Please drop me a line, I really want to know!

I'm Canadian..what else do we have to talk about for the next nine months?


  1. LOL - Here I am!! Seriously, I was totally happy when I peeked outside this morning. Even I get tired of winter when it should be Spring, but from now until the end of March I will embrace this season. Here are some reasons why:
    -snow covers the ugly brown and nakedness of the earth
    -snow makes things quiet and gentle
    -snow is fun to play in
    -snow is even more fun to drive in (with good snow tires, of course)
    -snow is beautiful
    -snow at night is even more beautiful
    -snow at night when it is REALLY cold is the most beautiful of all... it sparkles like diamonds! Who doesn't want to walk in 2 feet of sparkling diamonds?!
    -snow means I can wear warm cozy sweaters, pretty boots, and a matching toque, mitts, and scarf
    -I was born in the Yukon... maybe that has something to do with it! LOL

    I am really proud of you for choosing to fall in love with winter. I know you will! And if you need help, just call me up and we'll have a "love winter" day :-)

    Take care of yourself and know that I'm praying for you.

  2. @Lisa : I will definitely be calling you if my perspective gets too dark! We def need to get together soon! Thanks for the list: I think I will commit it to memory! (grin)

  3. You love winter - heheee, yes!!!

  4. Snow is October is totally cheating on Mother Nature's part! Just sayin' ...