Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Family

The view from my window back home in Nova Scotia (photo: Tracy Auton Stuit)

If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time you will know that I grew up in the belly of a large extended family in rural Nova Scotia. (you can check my About page to confirm).

In September 1992  my husband and I and two infant sons crossed this great nation from East Coast to West. We left behind our family, the Atlantic Ocean and it's glorious beaches, blazing autumn colours, fresh seafood, perfect donairs, ice storms and hurricanes. We embraced mountains, the Pacific Ocean and Spring in January.

Cousins and sisters and a brother soon followed. British Columbia has a definite allure!

Nineteen years later we are situated on the east side of the Rocky Mountains in the foothills.
Home to the Calgary Stampede and the largest city per square km in North America, Calgary has been home for almost 7 years.

We now have family north of us, west of us and far far east of us.
This year we have never felt so far removed.

During a crisis, the distance between us feels like from the earth to the moon.

My health has been steadily worsening.
My emotions raw and vulnerable.
Friends have rallied around and been amazingly supportive and helpful.
We are truly blessed.

But we miss family.

This weekend we had a special treat. An aunt and uncle and cousin and her daughter came through on their way to Kananaskis to a wedding. They spent Friday night and part of the day Saturday with us.

From the moment they entered our front door, there was something different in the atmosphere.

The hands that reached for us, I had known since infancy.

The voices resonated deep within my heart, familiar, comforting....KNOWN.
Nuances colored our conversations, memories evoked..the familiar patterns woven with ancient bonds...treasured. PRICELESS.

I leaned against my aunt sitting on the couch, her arm wrapped securely through mine, holding my hand.
My cousin at my feet with her hand on my foot and knee...I breathed deeply of love... of home.

My husband brings out his guitar and with a precious little girl wrapped in a blanket lying beside him, he lifts his voice, weaving it with the music and we worship the One who put us in this family.
The One who keeps us when miles lay between us.
The One who binds us together and to himself.

Family...  beautiful, blessed, broken, unique individuals...precious in progress....

So grateful am I ....for mine.

What are you grateful for on this beautiful Thursday? 

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  1. In reading your words I can just imagine you in that precious moment of being surrounded by your family and having your sweet husband making music to our King ... your face peaceful, gratitude shining through your eyes. What a generous blessing from Him to have these precious moments with your loved ones!