Monday, August 22, 2011

B90Days; In Pursuit of God

David had a song for every occasion.
I wonder how often he sang them or if they were one timers.
I wonder if I should write songs about all my screw-ups, or my epic fails, or my winter depression cycle.
There they are: my fears of being overcome right there on the page: put to music for all to hear.
Nothing hidden.
My heart exposed. My flesh revealed. My sins uncovered.
It wouldn't get much play time on the radio that's for sure.
But maybe a reality TV show....

I am thinking that David was called a man after God's heart for a reason and the more I read through the Psalms the more I see a pattern:

He did not hide his sin.
He took responsibility for his actions.
He repented.
He accepted the consequences.
He did not take God's glory for himself.
With all His power and might he still declared: Salvation belongs to our God !
He worshiped.
He feared. He cried out to God.
He was depressed. He cried out.
Under attack. He cried out.
He sought God on every side and found Him.
He was in pursuit of God, of the very heart of God and He was satisfied.

We can do no better than that.
Today I am after the heart of God, I hope you'll join me!

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