Friday, August 5, 2011

Making a List.... { Why so hard? }

Yesterday I was perusing my friend Shawntele's blog Rambling With Grace and realized that it had been a while since I had crossed off anything from any list..whether the list be on paper or in my head swimming in the murky depths of  my summer daze.

I am not sure the lists for groceries scratched in haste as my tired husband heads to the grocery store while I am hopped up on pain meds for my back counts.

I need to get some lists out of the nether regions of my brain, onto paper, and marked off with a satisfying red check-mark ASAP. I am not sure why that is so hard for me.

Could it be a fear of failure...or commitment?

I think I am a very committed the list thing puzzles me.

I had a modicum of success today.
Even with the sun blazing outside and the lake calling my name...

#1 I got all my spices transferred into mason jars! Woot !Woot!
#2 I organized the pantry for the gazillionth time so my spices are well displayed! 
#3 I covered the kitchen table with books, paper and calendars to start organizing our school year.

#1 I am a little scared of the mess I found on the floor of my pantry...not sure why all the ants have remained outside this summer, they could have feasted in there for sure!

#2 The table looks like I am doing something about something...but it's really just a mess. 

However....the worse part was....

I found the thrill of my success dimmed somewhat since I didn't put these things on a list and the subsequent satisfaction of the checking off was denied me.


I 'll do better tomorrow because all I have to do is make a list.
A  list is what I am after.
Then I can check off that I made a list.
Maybe if I make two lists it will even feel better.

List One:

{{Insert happy dance}}

Now...down to business....

List 2:

1.Make a grocery list for my birthday party on Sunday. 
{I get to check that off too..I am on a roll!}
2.Menu plan for the week so I can kill two birds with one stone at the grocery store.
3. Read for B90Days. 
( I can check that off a list every day....I am so writing that one down !}
4.Set our Homeschool agenda for the year and plan out the first quarter.
5.Buy a watch. 
{I am time challenged}
6.Check out the local Spa Lady Gym and get prices. 
{need the accountability}
7.Start a prayer journal.
8. Teach myself Excel. {groan}

That looks fine for now.
Although I am itching to add to it I think I will wait for a bit. I don't want to set myself up for failure.

I really really really want to check those things off. 
It's only the first week of August.
I have 168 hours in my week...anything is possible!!!

So after I send this out into blog-land I am planning on getting out of my chair and finding the brightest red pencil in the house....

For any of you who are list makers extra-ordinaire out there...I relish your encouragement.
I am way out on a limb here...any advice you can give me I welcome...

So..I am off...because surprisingly...I have a list I need to check off!


  1. I'll show you my table if you show me yours! *grin*

    Although I am happy to see learning Excel on your list, I am wondering what happened to html & CSS? Or did you master those and not tell me?!!?


  2. @ Shawntele... HTML and CSS books had to go back to library...high demand...{{GRIN}}

  3. I am a list addict. I have at least five going on my desk all to do with one certain project :)I agree there is something particularly gratifying about checking something off. Good for you for writing yours!

  4. Hahaha!

    I love your commentary through the list. :)
    I almost laughed out loud at the B90Days reading!

    You can do this! And having a list can be so helpful in focusing the time we spend.

    ( I should be doing it as well.... especially since I go back to work (public school band director in Maine) in three weeks and haven't even started to order music!