Friday, August 12, 2011

Taking A Book Apart

I purchased a new printer the other day. {see above}. 
{ { Insert happy dance! } }
It is a vital part of my life as a home schooling mom.
It is lovely. { Canon MG5220 }
It has two..count ink cartridges! 

Aside from the fact that trying to get it to print from the rear tray instead of the hidden bottom tray was an exercise in futility...yesterday was a VERY PRODUCTIVE DAY! 
( Hubby eventually came home and resolved the issue for me in record time! Sigh.)

As a book lover the first time I saw my husband taking a book cover off  and effectively dismembering  a book, I was horrified. 
Now I am a believer. 
I am officially a book-tearer-aparter because photocopying with bended back covers is SOOOOO frustrating and leaves shadows and takes more ink and more time!

Thus I am creating this tutorial for those of you who are a little intimidated and those who possibly fear the wrath of the "BOOK GODS".
I say unto you...FEAR NOT!
Books are made to be used and to my mind if their purpose is best served torn apart, then by golly I am going to operate!

So here we go. This post is for Shawntele: You can do it! { { grin} }

This is the book I operated on yesterday:


1. Hair Dryer
2. Sharp blade. ( my husband winces at the sight of me with a blade, and rightly so!)
3. An extra set of hands ( optional ) 

I have done it alone, but yesterday my son wielded the dryer and I pulled.

Stage 1:

1. Plug in hair dryer and turn on high heat.
2. Open front cover of book to be operated on.
3. Direct heat source to where binding glue meets cover.
( this is where the other set of hands comes in handy)
4. Starting from the top gently pull cover away from back binding, working your way to the bottom of the book. Keep one hand pressed down on first page to prevent tearing and give leverage.
5. Turn book over and working with the back cover do the same.
6 Once cover is removed turn off dryer ( grin)

Voila...cover is now removed. That was easy!

Stage 2:

(Tip: Lay down some newspaper:there is going to be some mess.)

1. Take first page from top corner and pull back to tear from binding.
2. Repeat until you find the pages are tugging on the glue buildup remaining.
3. Take sharp blade and starting at the top of binding carve or cut away the glue.
4. Continue pulling pages off and cutting away the glue edge until complete.

You successfully dismembered a book.
Once the shock wears off you will thank me! { { really} }
I spent all day yesterday at my desk doing planning/scheduling/research and photocopying. 
It was so much faster, easier and more efficient with sheets of paper instead of a whole book. 
I am still smiling at the stacks of paper piled on my desk waiting for school to begin.

That was easy !

I wish you all happy planning...


  1. Oh my friend, what would I do without you!!!

    Thank you!!!!!

  2. Great Tip, Thanks :)

  3. can you please post a video on how to do it? here or youtube? if you could email me the link I'd really appreciate it:
    thanks a lot!!