Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Love is...

1. A husband carrying you to the bathroom  at 4am 
after you wake him screaming,
holding you in your most vulnerable state.

2. Sons who take over all the house hold chores without complaint.

3. Strong arms to lean on when navigating stairs.

4. Encouraging messages first thing in your inbox.

5. A mother who picks up the phone in the wee hours 
while I'm waiting for meds to kick in and listens to me cry.

6. Neighbors within hobbling distance with swings in shady places 
not afraid or embarrassed by the tears slipping down my cheeks.

7. Sisters far away holding tight. Praying hard.

8. Friends who share their burdens while shouldering yours.

9. Kisses...lots of kisses.

10.Telephone prayers.

...and a million other things tiny and big...
How blessed am I !

Love is what defines me.

I pray that you love lavishly today those who cross your path..or your mind...
...and I pray that you know you are loved in return.

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good.
            His love endures forever.  

~~ Psalm 136: 1 ~~