Monday, August 8, 2011

B90days: Surrendering the Throne

Standing on the edge of 1 Chronicles I find myself horrified by the lack of progression in the worship of God from Father to son thus far. I knew it was bad but I don't remember it being this bad. And it's really really bad.

I looked up some things this week as I read. I was curious as to the meaning and cultural history of the High Places of worship left unchallenged by most of the Kings of Israel and Judah..and the consequences of their neglect.

I'll leave it up to you. Look it up. It's fascinating.

One thing I know from my reading and from studying human nature...
We don't like being told : 
... we would rather have several choices... alternates...options...
We are more comfortable that way.
We feel more in control.

Another thing I found interesting is how a created being who had nothing to do with it's own making has the audacity to tell God...and anyone else within hearing...
How it is and how it's gonna be.
We are more intimidated by each other than God.
Our fear defines our master. all simplicity...we worship ourselves.... how sick is that?

I don't know about you...but seriously..I know me...
My vanity and arrogance in my light of God and His power.....ummmm...


We cannot even make up our own minds... over the simplest of choices...
We can't make our cells function or discipline our eating...
..we can barely decide what to wear on any given day !
We don't decide what our bodies do with the food we eat...the water we drink...
We can't instruct our blood to flow...cancer to die...nerves to repair.
We can kill but we can't bring about life...
..and still we dictate terms...
....and we relegate a status defined by our limited selves...and demand he share space with gods of our own making...gods who permit us to rule...who make us look good...

..thus we Un-make God...strip Him of his un-limitedness and re-define him to conform to our acceptable parameters. Parameters that actually remove Him from the throne and place us in the seat of power.

God serving us.
Imagine that.

God our father.
Relegated. Lower.

Perception is truth they say.
Well, we live that "truth"until we discover it for the lie it is...
...and sometimes even beyond then!

When a child says "I know"... parents look at each other and smile.
As a teenager how often did we say we know how it is and state what we believe with the fiery conviction of youth....only to sheepishly look back and shudder at our capacity for self-delusion.

How often did I reach for what I could not hold.... And forsake what held me?
How often did I strive for "freedom".. and create a prison with my own choices?

Why is the hardest position to maintain of bended knee and submission?

We want to believe in our own if to surrender that belief will cause us to be less...instead of more. We'd actually rather the FEELING of power than to serve the TRUE wielder of Power.

How much of our believing/ trusting in one's limited fractured self... rather than
the One who designed and destined simply the sheer madness and folly of a child ....


The fool has said is his heart: There is no GOD.

When we say there is No GOD..we mean...higher than ourselves.

We might by speaking or believing in some sort of twisted way..make it so...
As a man is he.
But truly in the end... it is not as we is not as we proclaim.... matter how long and hard we yell...

It is how God says it is.
Unless we echo him...we're wrong....dead wrong.
How can we echo...if we haven't heard the truth and embraced it..welcomed it and lived it?

Jesus is the answer.
God's answer.
He's right.

Today I would rather surrender the delusion of my throne, and the shaky foundation it rests on...
...for the wonder of worshiping the One truly capable of being on the throne.

As someone who can't even get her back to cooperate today, I think a little humility would not be amiss. In the deepest part of my being I know I am not fit to rule.

But I try...oh how I try!

I do not want to be like the people I am reading about..
They exchanged the TRUTH of GOD for a lie.
That was not a good trade.
They should have done their research !

The more I discover about the character of the One True God...the God of the Bible:

The more:

I want everything about my life to be surrendered to my maker.
I want everything I do to point to the only One worthy of my worship.
I want everything I say and do to reflect His character.
I want Him glorified.
I want Him adored.
I want Him known.
I want...whatever he wants...whenever he wants...however he wants to do it!

One way.
His way.

God is true.
He is trustworthy.

...and there-in lies my hope...

My confidence is in Him alone....

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  1. I am so thankful you are reading with us! Keep it up... and keep being amazed! :)