Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hide & Seek

Everybody  knows this verse.
{And I mean EVERYBODY}
Jesus said:




{ The answer is yes, yes and yes}

but... B.U.T.....

Did you ever feel like 
it's all a game of hide & seek:
and God wins?

It's like when I am hiding out, trying to get away with something...
...ignoring my conscience, pretending I am ok, 
or just living my life, my way:

He finds me.Every time.

Then when I want Him for something.

I go asking.

I go seeking.

I go knocking.

{ It's worse than that book "Where's Waldo" !! }
"Where are you when I need you God ?"
I thought you promised:
1. It will be given.
2. You shall find. 
3. It shall be opened.
Sounds good to me.
Let's get real for a minute:

If we are honest... when we are asking...
seeking and knocking...
we are usually wanting something from him.....
 ....not wanting God himself...

We have a crisis.
We need.
We expect.


My relationships wouldn't last long if I treated people like I treat God.
We treat God like he is a vending machine. 
{ we even yell and kick at him when he doesn't deliver}
The issue is not simply..asking, seeking and knocking...
My heart knows this.
I know it's really about:

Who I'm seeking
What I am asking for...
What's behind the door I am knocking on...

It's all about Jesus.
When do we begin to seek..
and seek with all our hearts and keep on seeking...Him ?
When do we begin to ask...
and ask with all our hearts and keep on asking for Him?
When do we begin to knock...
and keep on knocking on the door He wants to open?

To know Him is to love Him.

We love Him because He FIRST loved us.
When I want him...more than anything..
My asking changes
My seeking changes.
My knocking changes.

When we inquire after God about everything...
{ He is interested in it all !!} 
When I love...with all my heart, my mind and strength...
Then I seek Him .
I ask for Him.
I want Him.
He will answer.
He will give.
He will open.

That's just who He is!
He wants to be found.
Game over.

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