Saturday, August 27, 2011


My life has become a life of prayer.
Restricted movement and the inability to drive or travel far from my house
has produced a life I have cried out for.
Who knew?
I have discovered that there are only so many minutes where I can lift 
my own name, my own needs, on trembling lips to the Father.
I have discovered that He knows everything before I even speak. 
Trust has blossomed in depths I never knew I had.
I am seeking, what He so desires to give: Relationship with Himself.

I hunger for Him..more than answers.
Even more than relief.

I have had dark mornings of pain made bearable by phone calls to mom 
filled with prayer and the reading of the Word.
I have lain face to face with my husband, hands clasped,
tears rolling down my cheeks, teeth gritted against the pain...
crying out to God on behalf of those we know....and some we don't know.
I am:
I have had IM chats with friends south of the border: 
Praying. Seeking. Agreeing.
Husbands of friends adding their prayers to the bowl 
lifted to the Father on my behalf..
Each one treasured and precious...
And I have slept under the shelter of His wings...
carried by those who also love and trust...
...those learning to love and trust...
to the One...who loves unconditionally...
the One who sees everything...
the One who holds everything together...

In the sharing of my burden I have become more aware 
of the burdens of others.
I am caught.
Captivated by what captivates the heart of the One who holds me close.
And I pray.
Drawn deep...bolstered by His assurance...


I find myself praying until I fall asleep.
I find myself praying as I wake.
Praying as I stumble around my house.
Praying as I shuffle up the street on my daily walk.
Minute by minute I am casting myself into the secure arms
of my savior and God.
Believing in His sufficiency for every situation.
Bringing everyone I know to His throne of Grace.
There is no safer place.
There is no other place to go.
Peace lives here.
I am finding an instinct developing that I am overjoyed to see.
My reason/understanding bowed down:
His character..
His name..
His word...

It is well with my soul.

For all who are praying, thank-you.
I pray you continue to pursue Jesus... in every situation and circumstance.
I pray that you find NOTHING satisfies or sustains you 
compared to His presence.
I pray His word becomes a light to your path, 
life and health to your spirit, soul and body.
I pray that your faith grows and trust blooms 
in the desert places of your life.

Cry out to Him.
He will answer.
With Himself.

There is no gift more precious.


  1. Standing in agreement with that: There is no gift more precious than God Himself!!

  2. I am praying.

    Knowing that nothing more is required than the privilege of bringing it to the Almighty...

    He does all things Well.