Saturday, August 13, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Beauty Beheld

This is a fast five minute blurt 
on a topic that has the world turned inside out 
in it's pursuit of the ever illusive goal of perfection....
...and thus whole generations of women and men are enslaved.

Beauty is not found in:

The mirror.
The clothing store.
The make-up bag.
The camera lens.
The hair salon.
The surgeons office.
The gym.

You cannot describe/define it by reading a magazine, a dictionary or self-help book.

It is: shouting.out.loud.

It is: an attribute of God, an expression of his being.

Let there be.

There was.

It was good.

He thought.
He spoke.
He approved.

We find beauty in the face of God.
In his character.
His heart.
In the work of his hands.

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder....the way I see it...

HE who sees all..
HE who beholds everything...
It is HE who decides what beauty is.
HE defined it from the beginning.

God is beauty.
We are his workmanship.

::We are beautiful

Open my eyes Lord.


  1. i love this:) enjoyed having you stop by...and i enjoyed stopping at your 5 minute friday. great!

  2. Thanks for visiting! Hope you have a blessed weekend!