Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Friendship, Laughter and My Social Media Daze


I uploaded my own social media icons to my blog this week thanks to a tutorial by Meg ,a small town woman I have never met. I , myself, am a country girl who grew up miles from a small town along a stretch of highway in beautiful rural Nova Scotia. I loved my life . I lived most of it outside. There was a pristine lake outside my bedroom window with undeveloped land on the west side covered in Rock Maples that turned incredible shades of fluorescent reds and oranges, yellows and pinks every fall.I really miss the summers and autumns.

The year I graduated ... sigh...(1985) was the first year our school had a computer class offered.The Comodore 64 came out the year after.I can still see the blinking green dot in my dreams.Our family telephone was a party line.Two longs and a short.

I was terrified the first time I sat in front of my very own computer.I was sure I would break it with one wrong keystroke or one too many clicks of the mouse!After moving west email was a major miracle.Instant connection over thousands of miles when long distance charges were exhorbitant.

I still have a pay and talk cell that I haven't used in 2 years
.I am itching for an iPhone.
I am working on writing a book and really want a MacBookPro.
I started blogging.
I am on Facebook.
I am on Yahoo IM.

And then I met Shawntele and she introduced me to twitter and promptly moved away!!!
(looking around for something to throw)
I can be on the phone, grabbing a link over IM and tweeting at the same time!I have ten tabs open and am copying HTML code while reading a tutorial and answering my son's question from down the hall.

This is the future. I am living it.

I am a country girl..far from home.So far out of my comfort zone.Tonight as I was doing a zillion things with my phone pressed to my ear and a precious soul on the other end I laughed until my cheeks hurt, shrieked and held my belly with tears rolling down my cheeks!
It feels like another planet.An alternate reality.
I am learning a whole new language.
But with friends to help anchor you...the winds and the speed of change surrounding human interaction reminds me of  a sky full of kites; each one unique and flying it's own pattern, catching it's own updraft.
Dancing to it's own melody.
Blow wind blow. are you handling the insane speed of advancing technology?
Drop me a line. I'd like to know.


  1. If I remember correctly, I also introduced you to YIM!! lol You are doing great!!

    I'm having another proud mamma moment right now....

  2. You're further ahead than me! I'm impressed! ;0)

  3. @Shawntele: You are my only YIM friend(LOL)so happy I made you proud!

    @Teri I've impressed myself!! ((GRIN))